Wire Shelves | Spruce Up Your Home Or Workplace

Of all of the things that may come into your head when thinking of interior design, wire shelves may not be one of them. However the industrial look is becoming so popular both at home and in the workplace, it would be mad not to try and get in on the act. Wire shelves are so functional and yet they can also be incredibly stylish when used in the right way. We’ve gathered here some of the benefits of wire shelves and given some ideas of where you could go to acquire some of the best wire shelves for your home or workplace.


One of the most obvious benefits of shelving has got to be storage. When you’ve run out of drawer space, or just want to show off some of your things, a shelf is the best option. Shelves can let you see what is stored while holding so much and still looking good.

Wire Shelves


As far as looking good goes, wire shelves are up there. From the current trend of copper furniture and accessories to the classic chrome look that is favoured by many, the shelves can be made to adapt to your own style. This even helps in an industrial workplace as people often feel more motivated to work when they are in a pleasant environment.


A definite benefit or wire shelves is that they are light and mobile. Whether you are pulling a trolley at work or want to be able to manoeuvre the shelves around your kitchen at home, having flexible mobile wire shelves can really help to make your living arrangements more dynamic.

Wire Shelves At Home

When at home the options could be endless. You can either keep the shelves as they are or spray paint them to your desired colour. At that point the choice is yours, use them as storage in your garage or have them on display in your living room filled with fun accessories and hanging plants. Use them to store dry foods in your pantry or use it as a flexible desk in your office space. Or all of them! They are so useful that you could really use them anywhere in the home.

Wire Shelves

Wire Shelves At Work

Wire shelves can be used in nearly every industry. They are appropriate to be used for carrying both medical and catering equipment, could be used to transport linens or could just be used to store all the different nuts and bolts in a car garage. Many come with optional additional storage extras called bins to really increase the options.