How To Create A Restaurant Concept And Brand

How To Create A Restaurant Concept And Brand

Many people undertake the tricky task of starting their own restaurant, often with grand ideas of how it is going to look and where it is going to be located.  This is all fine and well, but for a restaurant to stand out and get noticed amongst the sea of other establishments, it needs to have its own identity.

This area of creating a restaurant is often overlooked by enthusiastic owners who want to get going quickly and start getting customers through the door.  For a new restaurant to get noticed, having a personality behind the brand is extremely important. 

It becomes the identity and mission behind the restaurant, just like all successful fast food chains for example.  MacDonalds have created the identity of having a fun, fast and friendly environment in which to serve food.  Subway promote fresh and healthier food for active people on go.  It is important to recognise this and work the brands identity into a new restaurant’s business plan from day one.

When starting this process it is crucial to have a clear and definitive concept and brand, that you should be able to explain clearly and concisely.  The concept will include everything from the kind of food you serve to the service style and the general feel of the restaurant.  The dining room should emanate this choosen feel and the atmosphere should reflect what you are trying to create.  You should be aware of your target demographic when you are doing this stage, as this will change the dynamic and feel of the dining room greatly. 

The menu is very important and will obviously tie in to the concept and brand ideas.  It can be the guests first encounter with the food you are offering and whether the guests see it at the door or when they are seated, they should straight away know what kind of food reflects the vibe.