How to Live Big on a Small Budget

Because who says you can’t live your best life even when your wallet is tight.

Look for Quality Over Quantity

Whether it’s choosing what goes in your shopping trolley or your wardrobe, it’s essential to choose quality over quantity. If you’re trying to live on a budget then shop less frequently, this will give you time to save up for things that are actually of value to you. Waiting before buying something will also help determine if you actually want it or not.

For example: instead of getting fast food or takeout a few times a week, save that money and go to a nice restaurant instead.

Eat Well for Less

Nearby farmer’s markets are where you’ll find local, quality produce at great prices! This will allow you to eat well without breaking the bank, and also allow you to eat more seasonally. This may lead to discounts if their remaining supply is going out of season.

Choose Lunch Over Dinner

If you enjoy eating out, you don’t need to completely cut it out in order to save money. Instead, try going out for lunch instead of dinner. Prices are typically cheaper during the day or during happy hour and the food is just as delicious.

Nature = Exercise

The world is a gym, so why not get a free work out? Take advantage of the beauty around you and find places to walk, hike, run or even swim. The rewards will be far greater, especially if you find somewhere cool with a waterfall or an amazing view. If also won’t feel like you’re exercising, win-win.

Find Free Meetups

If you want to make new friends or try something new go to This allows you to search for free events in your area, such as 5K runs, book clubs etc. This will allow you to try different activities, make new friends, and enjoy the city you live in – without breaking the bank.

Consider Alternative Accommodation

When travelling, it’s easy to lose sight of your budget as you’re in a new place full of new and exciting things to try. Instead of compromising on activities, compromise on accommodation. Cheaper accommodation isn’t always like the horror stories you hear, and besides, you’re probably not going to spend much time in the room anyway!

Take Short Trips Instead of Long Vacations

Instead of taking a one or two-week long holiday, opt for a few long weekends instead. This will not only help you unwind more, but it could actually be more enjoyable, as you aren’t going to get bored.

Plan a Staycation

This doesn’t even have to be in your own town, but it can be. Explore places you normally wouldn’t and spend time seeing things around where you’re from, go off the beaten track, try something new.


This has (hopefully) been 8 helpful tips on how to live big on a small budget.