Interior Design | How To Decorate Your Student Halls On A Budget

If you have moved away from home to go to university, then you are probably going to be staying in student halls for the first year anyway. Although often nice, a lot of people struggle with how to personalise and decorate these spaces to their particular taste. There are so many ways that you can make your student halls room more ‘you’ and stick to your already tight budget. You can either go about this by the Pinterest-worthy skill of upcycling, or you can buy some bits and pieces in order to improve the ambience and overall aesthetic of the room. Here are some of the best bits we found that could change the way your student halls look:


Upcycling will probably end up being the cheapest way for you decorate your student halls to your taste. It is when we take old or maybe damaged furniture or accessories and revitalise it with new fabrics, colours or even uses. There are a lot of options for upcycling all over the internet but here are a couple of our favourites that won’t damage the walls (and lose you your deposit) and also won’t break the bank.

Student Halls

Fashion Your Own Headboard

Either use an old piece of garden fencing (genuinely) or find a hardware store that will sell you a large piece of wood relatively cheap. You can then varnish it or paint it to your desired colour, add padding if you wanted to. You can then hand fairy lights on it or just have it as a bold statement piece.

Personalise Your Lampshade

If you have a boring or dull lamp, you can poke holes in it to make nice patterns that will shine on your wall when the lamp is on. For a really different look, you can buy fabric paint and you can change the lamp in whatever way you want, another way to really change the ambience of the room.


New Purchases

We don’t need to explain what a new purchase is but you should know that it doesn’t always have to be state-of-the-art and designer products. You can find new (to you) purchases in charity shops and second-hand shops that will bring new life to a bedroom just as well as that top-of-the-range Ikea furniture. Here are two things you can look out for next time you’re shopping that will improve the look and feel of your student halls.

Student Halls


Fabric accessories are the best way to make your room seem more comfortable and homely. Places like TK Maxx or even your local supermarket will have loads of options to choose from that will suit your style.


Another great option is to add some plants to your room. If you’re committed then any plant will help add some life to the room, or cactuses are the ones to go for if you aren’t ready for a huge plant commitment.

With all of these tips, your student halls will be looking glorious in no time!