How to Get a Summer Glow in Winter | Trick of the Trade

It can sometimes be difficult to feel good in the winter, a combination of bad weather and challenging make up can really be a hindrance.

Aim for a Natural Glow

Don’t choose a shade that is too dark, otherwise, it will look fake and unnatural, especially in the winter. Instead, go for a slight glow.

Preparation is Key

Properly prepping and priming your skin is the most important aspect when it comes to doing your makeup, especially in the winter. You don’t want to have to cake on your foundation as this can end up looking worse. Primers are important because they fill open pores, make makeup last longer and looks great on camera.

Primers that are illuminating will give you an instant glow, which is great when you’re trying to perk up dull winter skin.

Less is More

Just remember that when you’re putting on makeup, the more you put on the harder it is to maintain. Going too heavy on the powder can make your foundation look cakey, instead, invest in some blotting papers to soak up excess oil during the day. This will also give you more of a glow. Mineral makeup lets skin breathe and still prevents shine so this can be a great option.

Know Your Skin Tone

It’s important to know your skin tone so that you can figure out what colours and shades are right for you.

Look After Your Skin

Ensure you take your makeup off properly at night and try avoid wearing heavy makeup every day. These things can cause breakouts and leave you feeling less confident, which has an overall effect on how people see you. Face wipes are notorious for drying out the skin so use a gentle cleanser instead. Ensure you always moisturise before you put your makeup on, and after you take it off.

Be Clever with Concealer

Not every type of concealer is good for every situation. Liquid concealers will slide off areas that are oily and hard concealers can look cakey.

Use a liquid concealer for covering puffiness and dark under eye circles. This is because they glide on and make your skin glow. Using hard concealers is better for spots and blemishes. Try putting some translucent powder on the blemish to mattify it and then add hard concealer and powder again.

Makeup Doesn’t Finish with Your Face

So you’ve nailed your face, but what about the rest? Ensuring you use a good exfoliator and moisturiser.

Don’t just stick to highlighting your face, put some on your collarbone, and tops of your shoulders and the front of your shins. This will make you look polished and toned from head to toe.

Have Fun

Experiment with different methods and see what works for you, everyone skin and everyone’s personal preferences are different.