Driving Lessons Glasgow | How to Pass Your Test First Time

Taking your driving test can be extremely nerve-racking, but there are some steps to remember in order to help you pass the first time. Ensuring you get enough driving lessons in Glasgow, or wherever you live is one of the most important factors when it comes to passing your test. Read on to find out more…

Ensure You Get Enough Lessons

Ensuring that you get enough lessons is the first step to passing your driving test. Many people think that the fewer lessons they get, the cheaper it will be. Whilst this is true if you pass, if you fail you’re going to end up paying an extra £62 (for the test) then need to pay for more lessons then more to sit your test again.

Ensuring that you are at the best you can be when you pass your test will also help when it comes to ensuring your car. Better drivers can use their no claims discount and get lower insurance renewal prices.

If you are looking for driving lessons in Glasgow, then All Pass Driving is the company for you. Not only do they offer weekly lessons, they also offer intensive driving courses to help you pass your test quicker.

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Learn the Highway Code

Much of what is in the Highway Code are legal requirements for motorists. You must know the Highway code in order to be able to follow it. Knowing the Highway Code and following it will help ensure that you will not be breaking any of these laws. If not, you may fail your test due to too many faults during your test.

Work On the Most Common Reasons for Failure

There are some really common mistakes that people make during their driving tests. Too many minor mistakes or one major mistake is enough to warrant a fail. Some of the most common reasons for failure include;

  • Poor observation at junctions
  • Not properly checking blind spots
  • Incorrect use of mirrors
  • Loss of control or accuracy whilst parallel or reverse parking
  • Incorrect response to traffic lights – e.g. waiting at a green light when it’s safe to drive, stopping beyond the stop line
  • Poor steering
  • Poor positioning on the road
  • Not having enough control when moving off – e.g. stalling too many times, rolling backwards
  • Not properly responding to road markings – e.g. stopping in a yellow box junction

Be Prepared

The most important thing is to be prepared for the test. Ensure that you get enough sleep the night before, eat breakfast and don’t plan anything else for that day – this will help ensure you are focused and not worrying about having to be somewhere else.

In order to even be able to sit your driving lesson you must bring the following;

  • Theory test pass certificate
  • Photocard driving licence
  • Glasses (if you require them for driving)

Failure to bring any of these will result in an automatic fail. You will be asked to read a number plate from 20m away and if you can’t then you will not get away without having glasses.

Come to your test looking put together and remember and be polite to the instructor.

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Get Some Perspective

Most instructors won’t let you sit your test unless they think you’re ready, so if you normally drive well during your lessons, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the same during your test.

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you and remember that if you pass, you pass, if not, you can always try again.