Double glazing Glasgow

Double Glazing Glasgow For Homes And Restaurants

Double glazing Glasgow is a very relevant topic for discussion in this cold and blustery city, especially since the origins of double glazing are said to be found in Scotland in Victorian times.  The winters in Scotland were harsh, and the houses in Victorian times relied on the kitchen fire to keep warm.  People with larger houses struggled to heat the household during the winter months because they had more rooms to heat.  At some point during this period, double glazing was invented as a way to retain more heat inside households, and as such most people jumped at the chance to own this heat-saving technology. 

Double glazing Glasgow

Double Glazing Glasgow Today

In the UK, double glazed windows have only really seen mainstream popularity in the last 40 or so years.  Prior to this, relaxing building regulations meant that there was very little incentive for people to improve their homes.  Couple this with the fact that materials were expensive before 1970, and we can see why it had very little uptake before then.  Another factor that emerged during the 1970s was the oil crisis in the Arab countries, which meant that energy prices rose sharply for UK residents and people started looking at ways of cutting their energy bills.  In Scotland, double glazing Glasgow companies started popping up, and the trend was similar across the UK.  Now there are companies all over the UK that offer a wide variety of frames and materials, as well as double and triple glazing. 

Double glazing Glasgow

Growing Market with Environmental Benefits

The double-glazing market is said to be seeing steady growth, and will continue to expand.  All new builds in the UK require double glazing as standard, and the retrofitting of older properties continues to provide companies with a steady stream of work.  The environmental benefits are apparent as people are saving on their energy bills and therefor reducing their carbon footprint. 


How Does Double Glazing Actually Work?

Double glazing works by having two panes of glass instead of one, and sandwiched in between the panes of glass there is a small gap that is filled by gas or air.  Air is generally a poor conductor of heat, and there are some types of gas that are even worse conductors.  This means that the window pane on the outside of the house will be cold similar to the outside air temperature, and the glass pane on the inside will warm, closer to the inside air temperature.

Double glazing Glasgow

What Are The Main Benefits Of Double Glazing?

As discussed, the main benefits of double-glazed windows is the fact that they retain more heat inside a house, therefor keeping the house warmer and reducing energy costs.  But the benefits go beyond this, and we have outlined them below:

  • Heat saving benefits – as mention, they trap  more heat inside a house
  • Increased insolation – they beef up the insolation properties of a household
  • Noise suppression qualities – due to the two panes, double glazing reduces noise from outside
  • Security – double glazed windows are harder to break and therefor they bring added security benifits