Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

If your tired of the interior of your home, then it may be time for a change. But what can you change? How can you change it? Read more to find out.

Paint Right

Painting smaller rooms in softer, lighter colours will help make the room feel bigger and lighter. If you paint a small room with dark or harsh colours the size of the room is going to seem considerably smaller. You need to be strategic when it comes to the decoration if your home, especially if you want to change it up or want it a particular way.

Let There Be Light

Mirrors can help make a small space appear bigger. This is because they reflect the light, making the room lighter and seem more open. Putting a mirror directly across from a window will allow you to see the most benefits. By putting a decorative mirror up, you can accessorise a room, as well as changing it up and making it feel bigger.

Mix it Up

Mix up patterns and textures, mix up old and new, mix up expensive and inexpensive. Doing this can add more character to a room. Don’t over clutter, by place things around that tell a story.

It’s okay to mix up the old and the new and you shouldn’t think that just because you have an old family heirloom sitting next to your modern sofa is going to be a problem.

Use Slip Covers

Slipcovers are great if you want a light colour sofa in a room that gets used a lot. Putting a white cover on a sofa can make it look sophisticated and elegant, without the worry of things getting spilt on it, as all you’d have to do is take the cover off and wash it. This is a much less hassle-free way to get the sofa colour of your dreams. The best part about this is you could get any colour and mix it up and change it as often as you like.

Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets not only look nice; you can pick them up for fairly cheap. They can be used as storage or to display books, magazines, blankets, towels. They can also be placed on your kitchen counter to store fruits and vegetables.

Use What You Already Have

As consumers, we tend to have a bad habit of running out to buy something new every time we want to change. What we forget is that there is probably boxes of old stuff we haven’t seen in years stashed away that can be reused. Things go out of fashion, but then also come back into fashion. Old trays and trunks can be good for decoration. Be creative arrange candles, frames or a pile of books on bedside tables, coffee tables can all be used to add texture to a room. You will be amazed at what you can do with what you already have.